Top 10 Scathing Business Reviews

The Most Angry Rants I could Find…If these were the kind of reviews printed in the newspaper I might still read the Newspaper. Listen up New York Times.

10)  B**** At Its Best” Rated 1 Star-

Should be…..
Breakfast at it’s worst
Service at it’s worst
Coffee at it’s worst

Order a soda and dare to ask for a refill–you not only get half a glass; you also get half a smile.

09) Happy N***l’s Spa

I was sitting here trying to decide if this was the 2nd, or 1st worse pedi I’ve had. While the other place in the running did a shiteous job as well, this place definitley ranked worst because the girl doing my pedi yesterday was a total bitch.

Shoved my foot in & out of the cold water, scrubbed my feet for 10 seconds, massaged my feet/legs for 1.5 minutes, generally looked like she wanted to jump in the foot bath and kill herself.

I sat there watching her ugly little frowny face & imagined myself kicking her in the teeth, or kicking her a mouth full of dirty foot water.

8) D***nys 1 star~

LET IT BE KNOWN! A pox on all ye who dare enter this vile establishment, that lo, this review applies to all D***y’s restaurants I’ve ever had the misfortune of setting foot inside.

Please understand that I am being 100% truthful, as I am in all my reviews, when I say that I have been assaulted, arrested, falsely imprisoned, sickened, made to wait, disappointed, humiliated, discouraged, pained, mistreated, and depressed all while inside various D***y’s restaurants, in multiple states, numerous times, over the course of my life.  I will never be back.

07) D*****r’s Salon 1 star-

I had THE WORST HAIRCUT of my life here.

I had SQUARE layers cut into my hair.  My hair fell in the shape of RECTANGLES.

The owner examined it and thought it looked really pretty except for the bangs.  He then proceeded to cut pieces off from the front, so my bangs were TOTALLY separated from the rest of my hair. I cried the whole way home because of this Sh** Hole.

06)  So Re**x Massage 2 star~

Not relaxing at all.  The man with the growth coming out of his cheek actually dislocated and cracked my toe.  I’ve seen a podiatrist and the bone that he dislocated will take years to heal.

I still walk but hiking gets painful. (Ican’t believe he gave it 2 stars after getting a broken bone.)

05)  W*****N Dental Centers 1 Star~

In order to avoid a 10-page diatribe, I am going to attempt to summarize the highlights of my experience at the “ENTER BUSINESS NAME”

~2-hour introductory x-rays
~A 6-hour, 2-day root canal
~3 molds taken for permanent crown
~4 flawed crowns resulting in said crowns being sent back to the lab to be re-made
~6+ shots of Novocain
~3 different dentists
~3 calls from Corporate Headquarters regarding delinquent payment for SERVICES NOT YET COMPLETED!
~1 recommendation of separate gum surgery at a different location, in order for the crown to fit below the gum line, by the final dentist after reviewing ORIGINAL X-RAYS
~1 “you’d better make this f*cking crown work and work well because I’m not having any f*cking surgery after all this” tirade, born of 3 months of crap from W******N Dental
~3 months (in case you missed that) to complete what is typically a 2-visit procedure
~0 times I will ever set foot in that building again, or recommend their services to anyone.

04)  I**N Tanning Salon 1star~

Go here if you want the WORST SPRAY TAN EVER!!!! They advertise that they use Mystic Tan and it’s actually their own product which is terrible. I had so many drips that I basically had to wipe down my whole body to get them off and I’m a streaky blotchy mess. The inside of your legs does not get sprayed because it just sprays the front and back of you so your legs are white on the sides. They give you a paper shower cap so the the spray soaked thru to my blonde hair turning pieces of it bright orange. I learned my lesson.

03) B***L Waxing 1 star~

A couple years ago, I went to shed my winter coat, as it were, and I left walking like I’d been flogged with switches.

The ‘handsome’ woman with the accent who did my wax handled my bits like she was boxing a side of beef and had me out the door in under 10 minutes with a dirty used tube of Neosporin in hand.

If you want your lady business to scream like it’s being consumed by angry fire ants, by all means, wax here.

02) A*****Y Floral CO. 3 Stars~ (Please see follow up post)

This store has a beautiful selection of colorful  and very healthy looking flowers and plants. They often have reasonable sales advertised.

I gave this store only two stars because of the saleswoman, who I think must also be the owner. I have gone into this store four or five times with the intention of buying, but that woman is so pushy and overexcited she ran me out of the store every time. She won’t let people browse in peace and aggressively follows customers around trying to get them to buy MORE and MORE and MORE!

Surely you need fifty dollars of accessories to go with your orchid!! She is so eager for customers to buy, that she will tell you that every plant in the store is low-maintenance and easy to grow– which is not always the case!

Edit: the pushy woman was not there the last two times I have been. I added a star and I will keep you updated, ha.

Follow up: 1 star~

She’s back, and she yelled at me for picking up a bonsai plant.

1) Dr. M. R****T OBGYN 1star~

Rude and unaccomodating.  

Then I walked in to see that there was a DOG in the office!!  Hello Florida Department of Health?  Where are you when checking this doctor out?

I was with my boyfriend who immediately called the insurance company to report this incredible faux pas.

When I asked about this they blew me off and told me if I didn’t like it I could go elsewhere.  I did.

Well There you have it…I laughed out loud.


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